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Report an Absence

Student Information


Please select the date of absence or if multiple dates absence the first day of absence. 

If you child was absent for multiple days in a row, please select the date the absence ended. If only absent one day leave blank.

Parent/Guardian Information

Absence Information

Choose all that apply
Do you have a medical note?
**Please allow 24 hours for attendance to be updated

Thank you for reporting an absence! We will reach out if more information is needed.

 When students miss school, they miss out. Missing 10% of the school year negatively affects a student’s academic performance. Please make appointments and plan trips when school is not in session. If appointments must be made during school hours, opt for early dismissal (i.e. afternoon appointment) rather than missing the whole day. Please provide medical notes for appointments to or bring to the office. THANK YOU for helping your students attend as often as possible in order to stay on track.


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