At A.M. Winn we provide a Waldorf education that supports the developmental phases of childhood.  We strive to reflect and honor the diversity of our students and prepare them to become creative, lifelong, independent thinkers.


Balancing freedom and responsibility, A.M. Winn introduces children to an educational world of wonder that celebrates and honors each child while building strong relationships based on mutual love and respect.  We elevate beyond college and career readiness by educating our students in the broadest sense and preparing them socially, physically and academically for fulfilling lives. 


Faculty & Staff

Lower Grades

1st Grade:

Sipiwe Mashinini-Nigl

Morgan Garrett


2nd Grade:

Tammy Duncan

Sarah Shaver

3rd Grade:

Ayla Console

Jennifer Peart

4th Grade:

Rhoda Cortez

Sarah Sullivan

Instructional Aides

Sara Bailey, SDC 4-6

Sara Chastine, SDC 1-3

Maura Skipps, RSP

Anna Bezinskaya, Russian

Adrienne Bowman, Spanish

Khalehla Simms, Handwork

Office Staff

Office Manager: Rucha Powers

Attendance Clerk: Vacant

Food Service Manager: Bernice Lopez

Plant Manager: Darin Lanz


Custodian: Vacant


Campus Supervisors: Ms. Bryn, Ms. Sara

Upper Grades

5th Grade:

Jessica Eccles

Sonja vanHeel

6th Grade:

Joanna Gallagher

Trish Ryan


7th  Grade:

Jody Arthur

Beth Rede

8th Grade:

Maureen McCaslin

Specialty Teachers


Beverly Lynn email TBD


Danielle Yeti


Amy Alessandri


AM Kindergarten: 

Ruby Toyama

Melanie Zarback

PM Kindergarten:

Sally Buck

Special Day Class

SDC Grades 1-3:

Taylor Cavin

SDC Grades 4-6:

Bethany Cox

IEP Team

Ahriel Pugh - RSP

Alyssa Borg NPA - Speech

Melissa Moss - Occupational Therapy

Tracy Pena - Program Specialist

Sarah Stark - Psychologist