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Shoe Drive Fundraiser

The Meadowlarks 7th grade class is partnering with Gotsneakers to raise funds for field trips.

Next pickup is at Friday Market on Friday, Dec. 1. (Reminder: this is a minimum day for grades 1-6; market will be start at 1:20pm.) If this time doesn’t work, feel free to drop off donations to the office labeled “For Meadowlarks class fundraiser.”

All conditions accepted (pairs only, please). The class will continue to collect throughout the year, so please keep them in mind while cleaning out closets!

Shoe Drive Fundraiser flyer - "The meadowlarks are partnering with Gotsneakers to raise funds for our class while keeping unwanted shoes out of landfills. It's a win-win! Bring your unwanted or won-out shoes to Friday Market on 12/1. Any condition is accepted!"

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