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eK and Kindergarden Aftercare Program

We need 20 families total (from all three kindergartens) to register ASAP to implement our kindergarten aftercare program.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN KINDERGARTEN AFTERCARE SERVICES, please fill out this form and email your teacher with the Student Name, AM Winn Teacher Name, Contact Name, Parent Contact Phone.

AM Winn is moving forward with providing a fee-based kinder aftercare program. Due to COVID, the program had to be completely rebuilt at each school site. We are one of 12 other sites that are working swiftly to secure staffing and training. The program, serviced by the Sacramento Chinese Community Service Center (The Center), will run at a 1 to 10 ratio and will need at least 20 students enrolled before we can begin providing service. Because of this, it may not be possible to start the kindergarten after school program on the first day of school. We will need your help in order to get this service up and running again at our school.

The aftercare service hours will begin following the AM Kinder classes at 12:25pm and close at 6pm. Room 1 will be the location of the AM Kinder program, which will also have access to the Kinder yard. PM Kinder students will be eligible to attend aftercare following the end of the PM Class at 3:12pm. There is no morning care available for PM Kinder students, due to a lack of onsite space. The fees for the program are based on an hourly rate.

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Cynthia Saito
Cynthia Saito
31 ago 2021

How much will the after school care cost?

Me gusta
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