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Cross Country Team for Grades 4-8 Starts Wednesday September 6th

Cross-country running season is here! If your child is interested in running, please have them join the Winn team!


M/W mornings from 07:30-08:30am. The first practice is on September 6th. We'll meet at the Vanguard gate. I will need parent contact info that first day (unless your child ran with me last year) for safety reasons. Please plan on staying around for a few minutes so I may gather this info OR you may email/text me beforehand 916.764.0818.

Mondays we stay on campus and Wednesdays, we run to Lincoln Village Park. Runners will need an extra pair of socks, a different pair of shoes (if possible), and a bag to keep wet things in. The grass is wet, and the kids are encouraged to change their socks/shoes post-practice as staying in soggy socks can break down skin and cause blisters.


Your child does not have to compete in the meets to be a part of our running team! Any 4th-8th grader is welcome to join M/W mornings, but are required to stay with the group and participate.

Meets will be held at American River College on September 22nd and October 13th. Runners should arrive at 4pm. I will be asking the guild to use our Sports funds to cover meet costs. Drivers will be needed--more to come later. For more information, visit the Sacramento Running Association webpage at

My goals are to make running fun and create a safe, supportive atmosphere for all children! Please let me know if you have any questions. BTW--parents/teachers are always welcome to join us!

If your child has any medical needs, please let me know ASAP and make sure to send them with an inhaler if they have asthma--we are not always able to get into the office.

Any questions, please text or call Coach Candace at 916-764-0818

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