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Ще немає постів цією мовою
Щойно пости будуть опубліковані, ви побачите їх тут.

How Do I Get Involved?

There are HUNDREDS of opportunities at our school. Some are classroom-based and can be done from home, some are on campus but can be done on your own time, some are larger in scope and require more commitment and time. No matter what your schedule, there are things you can do for your community here. Studies have shown there is a great benefit to children who have parents that are actively involved in school.

What is the Community Guild?

The A.M. Winn Community Guild is a nonprofit organization governed by family members of A.M. Winn students. All parents and guardians, teachers and staff are members of the Guild. The purpose of the Guild is to form a strong, nurturing community around A.M. Winn students and to support the educational and social goals of the school. One of the Guild’s main functions is fundraising. While public funds from federal and state sources cover the school’s basic operating costs, the Guild finds specialty classes and programs, classroom and lesson materials, and campus upgrades.

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