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Crockpot Wednesdays - Volunteers Needed!

We would like to show our appreciation for our faculty and staff by providing them weekly nourishment, allowing them to connect during their lunch break. To do this, we need support from our community.

The first Crockpot Wednesday was a great success! The staff and teachers were very appreciative. A key component of being a Waldorf educator is collaboration - teachers connect with colleagues at different grade levels to share what their students are working on. As our teachers loop through the grades, this helps them to offer expanded opportunities to our children and provide an even more well-rounded education to each student. This connection with each other was missed in a big way when COVID restrictions were in place, and our teachers have shared that gathering for meals together is one way they would love to receive support from our community. With your support, Crockpot Wednesdays will be our AMW families’ opportunity to show our school staff how much we appreciate them!

Please sign up for Crockpot Wednesdays through the Meal Train link.

A crockpot on a stove burner. Photo credit to Edgar Castrejon

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