The Language Arts curriculum includes Norse mythology and sagas, composition and letter writing. California history, geography and map-making are covered. Science includes the study of the animal kingdom. Mathematics builds to include fractions.


Ancient civilizations and myths (including Mesopotamia, India, Persia, Egypt and Greece) are covered, as well as American geography and history. Language skills include composition, grammar, spelling and reading. Mathematics includes decimals, ratio and proportion, as well as freehand geometric drawing. The science focus is botany.


The history curriculum includes ancient Rome and the Middle Ages. The geography and cultures of South America are studied. Mathematics includes geometric drawing with tools and business math. Astronomy and physics (sounds, light, electricity, heat and magnetism) are covered in experimental science work.


Historical studies include Arthurian legends, voyages of discovery and the Renaissance. African culture and geography are covered. Science includes physics (mechanics), physiology (blood and muscles), astronomy and inorganic chemistry. Instruction continues in composition, grammar, spelling, literature and arithmetic.


Literature selections include short stories, letters and dramatic contrast in Shakespearean drama. Advanced instruction in composition, grammar and spelling round out the Language Arts curriculum. Mathematics includes arithmetic (review of solids and measurement), algebra and geometry. The geography of Asia, as well as American history is covered in the social science block.  Hard science include physics (hydraulics), organic chemistry and physiology. 

High School Applications