AmwFund receives over $1300 in Gitcoin Grants Matching Rd 8

With the help of Gitcoin, Commons Stack, and Panvala, AmwFund received the equivalent of over $1300 USD in community contributions and from multiple matching pools. It is our largest single contribution since inception. Happily building momentum. Curiosity piqued? More details here: From Quadratic Funding to Philanthropy Mining: Open-Source Communities Empowering Small Nonprofits Quick primer: Gitcoin | Open-source software and public goods project fundraising platform Commons Stack | Realigining Incentinves around Public Goods Panvala | A Sustainable treasury for communities to share If community building, digital fundraising, regenerative economies, public goods, blockchain technology, or governance mechanisms are of interest, we would love your help in engaging global philanthropic communities. Plenty of work available, ranging from social media promotion, to DAO participation, to technical builds, to project management. Reach out at:

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