Happy Kids Healthy Choices

March 25, 2020

Excerpts & images taken from gitcoin.co/grants




AM Winn Public Waldorf Community Guild is our school's Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), a registered non-profit supporting AM Winn ek-8 Public Waldorf School in Sacramento, CA. AM Winn is a Title I school in the Sacramento City Unified School District (District), largely serving low-income and otherwise disadvantaged communities. Our hybrid Public Waldorf approach offers students the opportunity to grow both socially and academically on behaviorally appropriate timelines and focuses on developing the whole child through experiential learning.


The Happy Kids Healthy Choices campaign will provide a Portable Kitchen Cart & Edible Education Curricula for intensive use by our two 3rd grade classes and accessible to all on campus as well as for off campus events and community support projects. Potential stand-alone models include power, water, safety, and all culinary accessories necessary to provide hands-on cooking experiences in safe, creative classroom settings while utilizing our active school gardening program to complete the food cycle.


Now more than ever, we need your support. School closures due to COVID-19 have massive impacts to students and their support communities right NOW. Our mobile kitchen cart will help prepare students to become more self-sufficient in unforeseen situations like this and further enrich their understanding of the food & nutrition cycles.


School closures have also shut down our traditional fundraising activities, a consequence not widely discussed but with substantial implications. Our digital asset revenue streams are now effectively our primary fundraising mechanism for the indeterminate future.




The Gitcoin Grants Program allows us to participate in quadratic funding and CLR matching pools, leveraging blockchain technology and OSS platforms to access global giving communities. Gitcoin has enabled exciting innovations in the fundraising space enabling smaller organizations to share in participatory networks of supportive individuals and organizations in support of Public Goods and Health. The technology facilitates transparency and reduces intermediary friction in cost and resources allowing more funds to reach the recipients directly. We are excited to be taking action, developing trust, and enabling direct value transfer to our community through yours.


Due to school closures, Happy Kids Healthy Choices is now the key component in our originally multi-faceted fundraising strategy. In combination with pending educational grant applications, we are excited to be utilizing Gitcoin Grants to help us bring a cutting-edge piece of culinary education and curriculum to our school. COVID-19 impacts stretch beyond the infected. Our kids are struggling in the now, and we are gratified to receive your assistance in our immediate and ongoing COVID-19 response. Help us put a kitchen in every classroom.


Micro Donations Big Heart


We are a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit

EIN 81-2138952





*Ultimate selection & implementation is fundraising dependent. We have a solution for all levels of funding.


TARGET ONSITE DATE: September 1, 2020 (or sooner)


DIY (assembly): budget range $1,500-3,000

e.g. captainplanetfoundation.org


CHARLIE CART (pre-built): budget $9,500



Kitchen a la Cart (pre-built): budget range $5,500-11,000





Gitcoin Grants


Primer Video

Capital Constrained Liberal Radicalism and Quadratic Funding





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