Bee Vibration

I was sitting on the Earth facing the sun with eyes closed. My hands were in Buddhi Mudra near the shoulders, a perch. As I was breathing deeply I felt a gentle being walking on my left hand-around the palm, under the thumb and pinky, on my fingers-and I kept breathing deeply, eyes closed. Finally I opened my eyes and looked and there was a Bee. I kept breathing deep then noticed two thought paths come to mind: Fear and Love. In that moment I had a choice whether to fear the sting, the hurt, the bee dying OR love the touch, the connection, harmony in sharing the space. So I began mentally saying “I am peace, I am love” and sending that vibration to the bee. It was going so well until with my right hand I slowly picked up my phone and pointed the camera at the bee to get a picture and the bee got very agitated and flittered all around my left hand and head. I apologized for disrupting the harmony...Bees can represent community and just before this happening I sent a message to a dear friend writing “I visualize a day where all beings walk in hand in love and compassion.”

Thank you, dear Bee, for being on this journey with me.

Sunday yoga and meditation classes with childcare continue in Sacramento in March, donation based, 4:30-5:45p, followed by optional potluck. Message me for address and details. My family loves being with all that come and we are grateful to be sharing this space in love and compassion.

Artwork: Opal💛

#bee #love #compassion #yoga #meditation #kundalini #communication #vibratelove #sacramento #sacramentoyoga

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