October 15, 2019

Many hands make light work. Please join us on Saturday, October 26th for our day of service.  We will be: building one greenhouse for our student botanists, finishing off our outdoor lunch area, planting multiple plants and 2 trees as well as creating a kinder bridge over a rocky pathway. Please bring SHOVELS (large and small) garden gloves, and a cordless power tool for constructing the greenhouse. 

Children are welcome, but must be supervised by their parent or guardian.

7:30 - Simple pancake breakfast for volunteers

8:45 - Let the work begin

12noon - End

We are also looking for 3 plug in pancake griddles, some potential pancake flippers, and 4 adult project ambassadors who could check in with me next week prior to the event.  We will need 1 or two ambassadors in the 3 locations on campus to explain to other volunteers what the specific task will be. 

We have such an AMAZING COMMUNITY and we continue to improve our campus, but we can only do it with a lot of help. Thank you again for supporting our school.


Three ways to sign up:

1. In our Office (clipboard on counter)

2. Google Doc Link (click icon below)

3. SignUpGenius (click icon below)