Pandemic Pod Interest Form

Dear AM Winn Families,


This spring and summer, many of us were feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and worried by the sudden burden of losing our school community, the daily rhythm of the school day, and the support and social interaction of friends and extended family.  We worried about the impact of all these losses on our children.  Many of us are STILL feeling these feelings as the new school year begins.


A "pandemic pod" is one way you can bring more support and social interaction into your family's week.


Definition of an AM Winn "pandemic pod":  a small group of families who agree to coordinate with each other to provide social and/or academic support to each other's children in a way that feels safe and equitable to all involved.   Pods decide together how, where, and when to meet, and the goals of the pod.

As you form your pod, please keep issues of access, diversity, fairness and equity in mind.  We do not wish any of our families to feel left behind or left out -- our goal is that every family who wants to participate in a pod can find one appropriate for their child.


Please complete the Pandemic Pod Google Form

Disclaimer:  Pods can meet 100% virtually or 100% in person (or something in between), depending on the agreement of the families involved.  In person meetings should observe social distancing, masking, and follow local public health guidance.  There are inherent risks to meeting in person.  Know your personal risk level and risk tolerance.  Be honest about your risks and exposures with other families in your pod.  The AM Winn Community Guild cannot accept liability for the consequences of your participation in a pod.    Participation is optional and at your own risk.

Thank you!  We will be responding with a list of interested families by the end of September.  If you have questions or need this form in a different format or language, please email: