Digital asset donations to AM Winn Public Waldorf ek-8 Community Guild are tax deductible and do not trigger a taxable event, meaning you do not usually have to pay capital gains tax. For US donors, you should report your donation to the IRS to realize these tax benefits. Please always consult a tax professional for guidance.

Contributing digital assets to AM Winn Public Waldorf ek-8 Community Guild means your charitable gift could immediately increase with market spikes of up to 20%. 501 (c)(3) non-profit organizations are exempt from paying capital gains tax on digital asset sales, so the realized value of your donation may stay in tact.

For contributions < $250 USD equivalent, donors can request a donation receipt for tax reporting purposes by either:

1) Submitting email or other requested information on applicable donation platforms

2) Submitting a donation receipt request to, providing transaction ID, donation platform, amt, date, and time.

*AM Winn Public Waldorf ek-8 Community Guild are not financial advisors, tax accountants or attorneys. This content on this website should not be considered financial or legal advice.  Talk to your accountant, attorney or financial advisor before making any major financial decisions.