The Guild

A.M. Winn Community Guild

The A.M. Winn Community Guild is a nonprofit organization governed by family members of A.M. Winn students. Teachers and administrators are also members of the Guild. The purpose of the Guild is to form a strong and nurturing community around A.M. Winn students and to support the educational and social goals of the school. One of the Guild’s main functions is fundraising. While public funds from federal and state sources cover the school’s basic operating costs, specialty classes are funded by the Guild. In addition to paying for the specialty programs, the Guild funds classroom and campus upgrades as well as Waldorf classroom and lesson materials.

Community Guild Executive Team 2019-2020:

Carrie Lewis, Chair

Mark Verdugo, Vice Chair

Jason Rector, Co-Treasurer

(Vacant position) Co-Treasurer

Cydney Jaghory, Secretary

Any and all questions for the Executive Committee can be sent to and it will be forwarded to the appropriate contact.


Each year the Guild sponsors a variety of fundraising activities and supports school activities including: the Annual Giving Campaign, the May Faire, See's Candy Drive, and passive fundraising efforts.


The Guild Steering Committee consists of the Executive Committee, Subcommittee Coordinators, Principal and two Parent Representatives per class.

Please see our Guild Bylaws for additional details:


Come be a part of the Guild!

We welcome you to attend our Guild Community events. Meetings are held the first Wednesday of every month at 6-8pm in the Library. Together we make decisions regarding meeting classroom needs, fundraising ideas, workshops, Friday Market ideas, community engagement and much more!    


Guild Parent Handbook Information:

Supporting your child in a Waldorf education


You have chosen to give your child the gift of attending A.M. Winn Waldorf K-8 Public School. As you know, a Waldorf education focuses on the whole child and encourages them to reach their full creative potential. A.M. Winn is a nurturing and loving environment with a team of teachers, staff and volunteers that focus on the healthy development of each child. A.M. Winn Waldorf K-8 Public School offers a balanced curriculum which includes activities of the head, heart, and hands. The cognitive, artistic, and practical lessons are designed to develop the capacities that reflect individual students’ experiences. The children’s wills and temperaments are honored as the whole child is educated. This environment comes with a time and financial cost. Read below to find out how you can support your child’s education at A.M. Winn.


Classroom Waldorf Materials Donation


Each family is asked to contribute toward the materials fund by donating $200 per child which is tax deductible. This covers Waldorf materials such as: main lesson books, beeswax block and stick crayons, modeling beeswax and clay, colored pencils, watercolor paints, brushes, calligraphy pens and paper. These supplies are an integral part of a Waldorf curriculum. These materials are of high quality, and help your child to create beautiful work that they can take pride in. (Please note that the Materials Donation is separate from the Annual Giving Campaign.)


A.M. Winn Community Guild Annual Giving Campaign


The Annual Giving Campaign is the foundation of A.M. Winn Community Guild’s fundraising effort.  Every year we ask that families donate a tax deductible lump sum or a tax deductible payment plan to the Guild. This suggested amount is $50 per child. These funds directly pay for A.M. Winn’s Waldorf specialty programs such as: Movement, Music, Handwork, Woodwork and Athletics. This funding also provides classroom and campus upgrades. The goal of the Annual Giving Campaign is 100% participation, so our Waldorf Specialty Programs can be fully funded.  We realize that families in our community have different financial situations. If the suggested amount does not work for you, give what you can. Our goal is to have 100% of our families participate at whatever level that works with your financial situation. Families are always welcome to sponsor another child attending A.M. Winn by donating extra funds, with the knowledge that it is also tax deductible.


Class Guild Representatives

Each class should have two Parent Representatives. The Parent Representative will attend Guild meetings to report on class events, receive information and then share gathered information with the class via email, hardcopy, and/or at parent class meetings. They will also serve as the Class Treasurers. In addition, they should also act as a buddy or mentor to any new families joining your classroom. All persons are welcome to be a class representative. Please talk with your child's teacher if interested. 


Ways to support your child’s Education at A.M. Winn

Here are some examples of how you can support our school:




The participation of ALL parents is essential for A.M. Winn Waldorf K-8 Public School to provide the many opportunities and activities for students that make the school unique and students successful. An important aspect of Waldorf education is that children see parents and teachers working together in the classroom, the gardens, at school festivals and in the home. Children learn directly the value of group cooperation, dedication, problem-solving and hard work. School staff and parents work together to be worthy of imitation and to set the example for children to follow. Parent participation develops and maintains a naturally beautiful environment for the children inside and outside of the school.


We are asking each parent to volunteer for one schoolwide fundraiser and two additional things this year.  If everyone would help with three things, we would have the support needed for EVERYTHING at our school. This can mean anything from helping at a Friday market (donating goods and/or helping sell), taking home the laundry for the class, helping take care of a small patch of the landscape, picking up something for a teacher while you are out shopping, helping at a fundraising or community event (May Faire, Walk-A-Thon, Book Faire, etc.) or taking a lead position for an event or festival. There are HUNDREDS of opportunities at our school. Some are classroom-based and can be done from home, some are on campus but can be done on your own time, some are larger in scope and require more commitment and time. The thing to remember is that no matter what your schedule, there are three things you can do for your community here. Studies have shown there is a great benefit to children who have parents that are actively involved in school. Let us help you find the three ways that you can help out. Feel free to email or talk with your teacher if you have any questions about how to get involved.


Because of its 501c3 status, ALL school/classroom funds must, by law, go through the Guild. Class funds may not be stored in classrooms or at private residences. Each class will have a Parent Representatives who will work with the Guild Treasurers. Each Parent Representative is responsible for recording and submitting all deposits and expenses. This includes money from school-based fundraisers, off-campus fundraisers, Friday Marketplace funds, classroom donations, field-trip payments, etc.

Fundraising Approval Process


All fundraisers on or off campus must be approved by the A.M. Winn Fundraising Committee. The Fundraising Committee meets regularly. Fundraiser Proposal forms are located in the front office. All Fundraising Proposal forms must include a class teacher’s signature and a Classroom Representative’s signature for submission. Drop paperwork into the box located in the office. Approval or denial of the proposal will be submitted to the appropriate teacher.  This is very important so that all classrooms have equal opportunities to raise funds for their class.


Passive Fundraising


Passive Fundraising allows families, relatives, and friends to financially support A.M. Winn while doing their everyday shopping. This can be done by registering with programs including AmazonSmile, E-scrip, School Cents at Arden Fair Mall, Good Search, Box Tops for Education, Raley’s/Bel Air Something Extra, Nugget Markets, etc. Check our school’s website under the Fundraising tab for more information about these great fundraising opportunities. Please contact for more information.