Although Coach Adrienne has been offering basketball workshops over the past couple of weeks, OFFICIAL TRYOUTS begin tomorrow, Friday, January 23rd at 3:30 and will continue through the following Friday. Due to SCUSD's district guidelines, 15 players may be on the team. The final basketball roster will be released on Monday, February 3rd. We are looking forward to another great season!

Puma Browser Charity Mode: Stream $ to Charity

I am a long time ILP & Xpring enthusiast and have been a Coil subscriber since November 2018 in the early beta phase (thanks largely to my membership in the Good Souls Group). So naturally, I jumped right on the beta testing release of Puma Browser on iOS in July 2019, when I became aware of their activities. The first android push soon followed in October 2019, and I was happily following the team's building mindset. https://coil.com/p/AmwFund/Puma-Browser-Charity-Mode-Stream-to-Charity/vE2rUgp-7

Why Waldorf And Handwork Go Hand In Hand

I remember researching different educational schools of thought (pun intended) when my daughter was very young because I wanted to give her something different, something more meaningful than traditional public school. I eventually settled on Waldorf, much to the confusion of my public high school parents and, quite frankly, her father. I have shared the tenants, the studies, and the gentle beauty of it all, but I did not have anyone on board until I shared the curriculum. Waldorf exposes our littles to more than books, but also to music, the earth, and their own capacity for creation. No where is this more apparent than in Waldorf handwork classes. https://coil.com/p/AmwFund/Why-Waldorf-And

AmwFund Ecosystem in Pictures

Installment #17. Just a quick drop of a recent overview presentation I gave to the PTO at large (Parent Teacher Organization, aka Guild) in an attempt to drum up local community support and to educate. Now that school is back in session and folks are getting their feet back under them, I am hoping for some more community blog submissions soon. https://coil.com/p/AmwFund/AmwFund-Ecosystem-in-Pictures/nznnRO47j

2key Network || AM Winn Community Guild: Public Education Fundraising with Digital Assets

AmwFund is thrilled to announce that we are an official 2key Network Launch Partner. Thanks to Ben, Erez, Ziv & the entire 2key team for your collaboration. Thanks for engaging a small non-profit organization striving to make huge, direct impact via the #IoGiving. As part of the 2key Network Inspiration Contest, I have launched a beta donation campaign on the ETH Ropsten Testnet in the run-up to the expected mainnet launch very soon. https://coil.com/p/AmwFund/2key-Network-AM-Winn-Community-Guild-Public-Education-Fundraising-with-Digital-Assets-/7WvtQ-II-

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