Annual Giving Campaign

We give to support their roots and shoots

Supporting your Child in a Waldorf Education

You have chosen to give your child the gift of attending A.M. Winn Waldorf-inspired eK-8 Public School. As you know, a Waldorf education focuses on the whole child and encourages them to reach their full creative potential. A.M. Winn is a nurturing and loving environment with a team of teachers, staff, and volunteers that focus on the healthy development of each child. Our school offers a balanced curriculum which includes activities of the head, heart, and hands. The cognitive, artistic, and practical lessons are designed to develop each individual student’s strengths. This environment comes with a time and financial cost beyond traditional public school.


Participating in the Annual Giving Campaign is one of the most important ways that you can directly support your child’s education at A.M. Winn.

Community Guild Annual Giving Campaign

The Annual Giving Campaign is the biggest and most important part of annual fundraising at A.M. Winn.  The Annual Giving Campaign is coordinated by the AM Winn Community Guild. Every year we ask that families make a tax deductible donation to support Waldorf education at our school.


The 2018-2019 school year goal is to raise $7000.00 with a 100% participation rate. We, as a collective community, are focusing our Annual Giving efforts during the month of November, a time for reflection upon our values. November is a time of transition between seasons, a time to act upon the gratitude we feel in our hearts.  It can be a lovely reminder during a busy season to honor and give back to the foundational parts of our children's learning.

We understand that families in our community have different financial situations.  Suggested donation amounts range from $20-$200. If the suggested amount does not work for you, give what you can. Our goal is to have 100% of our families participate at whatever level that works with your finances.

Yes, I want to help our school!

Thank you for your help! Please hit the donate button to be redirected to PayPal.

What Does My Money Support?

The Guild understands that you are investing your hard earned financial efforts.  We also believe in transparency. If you have greater questions about the exact ways in which your money helps fund the school, please join us at a Guild meeting (first Wednesday of every month at 6pm in the Library) for more detailed information.


Depending on the amount raised, Annual Giving funds pay for:

  • Waldorf educational materials used in the classrooms

  • Specialty program support:  Handwork, Music, Movement

  • Classroom and campus upgrades and enhancements


Annual Giving funds are used to cover the cost of Waldorf materials such as: Main lesson books, beeswax blocks,  stick crayons, modeling beeswax and clay, colored pencils, watercolor paints, brushes, calligraphy pens and paper. These supplies are an integral part of a Waldorf curriculum. These specialty items are of high quality, can be used for several years, and help your child to create beautiful work that they take pride in. These funds also directly pay for A.M. Winn’s Waldorf specialty programs such as: Handwork, Movement, Music.  If we raise enough funds, we may be able to bring Spanish and Woodwork to campus. Lastly, this funding can also help to provide classroom and campus upgrades, such as chalkboards, gardens, small animals, and outdoor learning labs. Families are always welcome to sponsor another child attending A.M. Winn by donating extra funds, with the knowledge that it is also tax deductible.